Country newcomer Emily West knows a thing or two about being spontaneous. So when the 'Rocks in Your Shoes' singer sat down with The Boot, we decided to give her a little pop quiz. She happily dished on a few "wild and crazy" factoids about herself in this candid chat.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Going to TJ Maxx when I know that I have no money in my account. My credit card got taken away from me. It gets overdrawn, so my business manager said no. I need to stop going to TJ Maxx. Also, purses that look like they're really expensive, but they are not ... at TJ Maxx! [laughs]

What would be your dream date?

I'm not really a fan of picnics. I'm not a fan of nature, really, only when it's on a beach. Probably my dream date would be something that I don't know about. Somebody picks you up and [says], "Put your best dress on, honey, because I'm taking you out!" Then having him say it all, [so] I don't have to say, "Let's eat at McDonald's." I want him to have it all planned and have it be thoughtful -- paying attention that I like bagels with a smear of cream cheese, then having it planted on the seat and telling me before I sit on it! I like thoughtful things like that. Then ... just giving me a very huge diamond. That's a nice date!

Who is your celebrity crush?

What's your favorite movie?

'Terms of Endearment' and 'The Jerk' [starring the aforementioned "wild and crazy guy," Steve Martin].

What celebrities are you still dying to meet?

I met Steve Martin at the Opry. I wish I would've waited just one more minute because he would've been done with his turkey sandwich. He said hi and said that he was going to buy my record when it comes out. I would probably like to meet Shirley MacLaine or have met Judy Garland or Patsy Cline.

Who leaves you starstruck?

Myself! [laughs] I'm a little starstruck with people who hardly say anything. I don't have that ability. Jamey Johnson has it. When he does talk, it's eloquent, to the point, maybe one word, and it's a sentence. It's awesome! And Big Kenny. He's pretty freaky. I like him. He's pretty awesome.

What is your favorite current country song?

It didn't do very well on the charts, but it's Holly Williams' 'Keep the Change.' I wish it had gotten higher.

What's your favorite ice cream?

Pistachio or rocky road.

What is your favorite outfit?

A sundress and cowboy boots!

Do you have an ideal vacation spot?

Anywhere with a beach and great food.

Do you have a personal motto?

My mom has this plaque on the wall that says, "Always pay attention to your crazy ideas." I have a motto: "Don't ever worry about somebody stealing your crazy ideas, because if they're any good, you're going to have to ram them down somebody's throat in the first place."