Singer-songwriter Emily West has long had creative aspirations that extend beyond country music. The 'Blue Sky' singer has also dreamed of delving into acting and has finally had the chance -- even if the role isn't exactly a glamorous one! Emily recently appeared on the ABC drama 'Body of Proof,' where she had the chance to develop her acting chops and to show off her musical talent in the same episode.

Emily says the role has been in the works for a while but once she finally found out she landed the part of Kristen -- a drug addict accused of murdering a drug dealer -- everything else happened at lightning speed.

"When the phone rang in my Nashville apartment and the caller I.D said it was from California, I knew it had to be the casting director from 'Body of Proof' telling me, 'I'm sorry but we went with somebody else to play the part of Kristen,'" Emily shares with ABC. "I knew it had to be a rejection. After all, it was my first time auditioning for anything under a big time network series.

Emily soon discovered that the call was good news -- delivered directly by ABC Senior Vice President of Music Dawn Soler.

"Dawn told me I got the part and to pack my suitcase," she explains. "The next day I was flying first class on my way to make my debut in the heart of Burbank, filming and recording in the city of angels -- Hollywood baby!"

Her next task was penning the perfect tune for the episode. "I wanted the song to be believable ... not just to me, but more so for the character I was playing," she notes. "A struggling addict lost on the dead side of town, dying to leave, but trapped ... How was she feeling? What were her fears? I wanted the song to be self explanatory ... but not too much. A song that was hopeful, yet unresolved. A song that had a certain melancholiness to it."

The final outcome was a song called 'Head On,' which she says matched both her character and the overall tone of the show. "The song was treated very delicately since the character I was playing was very much a delicate girl. She was fragile and afraid, but still hopeful on what could be her destiny," she explains. "The end result was ultimately, a very naked and honest production with a song written by one of my good friends Trent Dabbs, an amazingly talented artist."

Emily's latest EP is 'I Hate You I Love You.' Download it here, and watch her perform 'Head On' here.

'Body of Proof' airs Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM ET on ABC. Watch Emily's episode here.

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