Every Saturday, The Boot brings you the week's top tweets so you can see what your favorite stars are chirping about! This week's memorable Twitter posts come from Blake Shelton, Chuck Wicks, Martina McBride and more. And don't forget to follow The Boot (@thebootdotcom).

Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton): "Hmm ... can't decide if I'd rather listen to the guys non-stop talking on the airplane intercom or give myself with a red wasp enema ..."

Chuck Wicks (@chuckwicksmusic:) "The dumplings at Cracker Barrel are obviously made with crack."

Jimmy Wayne (@JimmyWayne): "Note: try your suit on b4 you decide to wear it @ an event in another state! Had to stand the entire time. How does one gain weight walking 1700 miles?!"

Emerson Drive (@EmersonDrive): "Today is a good day to go to the ................. Pumpkin Patch!!!!"

Martina McBride (@martinamcbride): "I bought a sweater yesterday. I love it. I am going to wear it so much that people are going to say, 'Does she own another sweater?!'"

Carolyn Dawn Johnson (@cdjmusic): "Mom's turkey dinner today ... hardly anything better than that!!!"

Josh Thompson (@TheJoshThompson): "Had a great time on my 3 flights and they even managed to lose my stuff. Awesome"

David Nail (@davidnail): "I have the sweetest dog, she knows I'm leaving tomorrow, she knows what the bags being packed means. She won't let me out of her sight!"

James Otto (@jamesotto): "Off to Jersey for the second time in 5 days & I'm happy to report I haven't met

anyone like the people on 'Jersey Shore' ... & I hope I don't!"

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13): "Baking pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese icing because I'm very excited. Because a new song is coming out on iTunes at midnight!"

Miranda Lambert (@Miranda_Lambert): "Writing songs is like a workout for my brain. Sometimes getting started is painful but when I am done I feel great."

Frankie Ballard (@FrankieBallard): "OK, so if you can't make it to church this Sunday it's OK. Just go download Ray Charles 'So Help Me God' and let Ray Ray take care of you."

Trent Tomlinson (@trenttomlinson): "Chuck Norris doesn't cut his grass, he just dares it to grow!!!"

Emily West (@emilywestmusic): "'Tricked-out tires' make me nauseous and sea sick."

Joey+Rory (@joeyandrory): "Something magical about fresh sheets on the line. I love the fall."