Easton Corbin's latest single, 'All Over the Road,' is steadily climbing up the charts, and with good reason. The uptempo tune, which is also the title of his sophomore album, seems to be the perfect soundtrack for the long, hot summer days.

"When people hear the title 'All Over the Road,' they probably think there's a drink involved in there somewhere," Easton tells Roughstock.com. "Basically it's a song about being with that special person or someone you like and being high off that ... living off that experience. It's a love song. A feel good, upbeat song, and I think a great summer song. I hope people enjoy it ... I think a lot of people are enjoying the song."

The Florida native ventured into new territory for the song's action-packed video. "It's a lot of fun," he explains. "There's fast cars, cops, explosions, girls, robbery ... I get kidnapped. When you listen to the song, you're like well, it's just another song about a guy driving around with a girl. So when i got that particular video treatment, it was so different from what I expected, I knew that was the one I wanted. It's so different, and I don't think anybody expected that."

Easton will spend much of the summer on the road, serving as the opening act on Blake Shelton's Ten Times Crazier tour, as well as performing several of his own shows. Keep track of his complete schedule here.