Drew Baldridge has shared a new song, "Train," from his debut album and shared the song's official music video.

When you click play, you see a train heading over a bridge before you see Baldridge -- more specifically, his boots -- breaking it down in the middle of the aisle on an empty train. Soon enough Baldridge is no longer alone, as his band and passengers hop on board and grab a seat before getting up to move around, snap some selfies and enjoy each other's company. This is definitely a fun video that makes us wish traveling by train was more commonplace.

Baldridge sings, "If you want crazy, then come on baby, just get your hot little self on up and jump up on this train.Just when it seemed like traveling the rails couldn't get more fun, Baldridge invites everyone to a party in one of the cabins, complete with decorations, lights and of course plenty of dancing. We aren't sure if Baldridge's moves give the video more of a fun vibe, or if it is the "wooohoooo" sounds he makes throughout the song that do it. Press play above to form your own opinion!

"Train" is track No. 1 on Baldridge's upcoming album, Dirt on Us. Dirt on Us features 13 tracks and is set for release on June 10. "Train" and a handful of the other songs that Baldridge has already shared are available on iTunes now!

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