Drew Baldridge released his debut album, Dirt on Us, in 2016. Although the record has only been out a little more than a year, the Illinois native says he is working on his sophomore record, and will soon give fans a sneak peek at his next project.

"We haven’t written the whole album, but we’re going to have a new single. We have a couple to pick from, but I’m excited about all of it," Baldridge tells The Boot. "It’s a sound that I’m really excited about. It’s still that real kind-of groovy stuff that we’ve been doing, but it’s exciting to have something new -- something new to talk about, and something to give the fans. As an artist, you want to give something to the fans -- music -- as fast as possible."

While Baldridge didn't share too many details about his next set of tunes, the singer says that he will, once again, include a spiritual song. Dirt on Us features the hymn "It Is Well With My Soul."

"That’s something I just have to feel out," says Baldridge. "Whatever God tells me to do, that’s what I’ll put out. Because there will definitely be one."

Earlier this year, Baldridge wrapped up his headlining SiriusXM Highway Finds Tour. The multi-city trek -- for which he was joined by Smithfield and Steve Moakler -- proved something to Baldridge: His hard work is paying off.

"All the shows we played, if they weren’t sold out, they were right at it," he reveals. "The fans that came out were die-hard country fans; they knew every word to "Rebound" and "Dance With Ya" ... It was a great tour; it was really exciting."

Baldridge says he finally feels as though he is part of the country music world that he has wanted to belong in for most of his life.

"The past year has been a lot of hard work. I feel like we’ve really gained a lot of new fans and a lot of headway in country music," acknowledges Baldridge. "Being able to be a part of the community is really awesome ... but it’s been a lot of hard work."

A list of all of Baldridge's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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