Drew Baldridge has announced the release of his full-length debut project. Titled Dirt on Us, the disc is set for release on June 10.

Dirt on Us features 13 tracks, 11 of which Baldridge co-wrote and a few of which fans will be familiar with from the singer's previous EPs. Co-writers include Tim Nichols, Monty Criswell and JT Harding, and Baldridge also covers the gospel song "It Is Well With My Soul." A full track listing is available below.

While he’s not opposed to cutting a song he didn’t write, Baldridge tells The Boot that he “really strives” to record his own material.

“I love being able to be a part of every song on my project,” he explains. “… I love being able to single something I know is true to me, and I feel like I can give it a really good, real interpretation of what I’m singing if I’m the one that wrote it.”

Baldridge's previously released EPs are available for download on iTunes now. More information about the Illinois-born singer -- who has opened for artists such as Lee Brice, Eric Paslay, Granger Smith and Parmalee -- is available on his website.

Drew Baldridge, Dirt on Us Track Listing:

1. "Train" (Drew Baldridge / Tim Nichols / Josh Leo)
2. "Everyday Night" (Jimmy Yeary / Tim Nichols / Chris Stevens)
3. "Rebound" (feat. Emily Weisband) (Drew Baldridge / Emily Weisband / Simone Simonton)
4. "Dance With Ya" (Drew Baldridge / Chris Yarber / Jake Mitchell)
5. "Drama" (Drew Baldridge / Emily Weisband / Chris Stevens)
6. "Dirt on Us" (Drew Baldridge / Tim Nichols / Monty Criswell)
7. "Burnt Toast" (Drew Baldridge / Monty Criswell)
8. "Love on Your Body" (Drew Baldridge / Tim Nichols / JT Harding)
9. "Everywhere I Go" (Drew Baldridge / Tim Nichols / Josh Leo)
10. "Tractors Don't Roll" (Drew Baldridge / Tim Nichols / Monty Criswell)
11. "Curious Girl" (Drew Baldridge / Chris Yarber / Jake Mitchell)
12. "Town the World Forgot" (Drew Baldridge / Chris Yarber / Robert Arthur)
13. "It Is Well With My Soul" (feat. Mike and Doug Baldridge)

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