Drew Baldridge has released his song "Dance With Ya" as a single. The song officially hits country radio on Monday (Dec. 28).

The rising country artist released a music video for the song over the summer, which fans can watch above. The clip showcases a bunch of different forms of dance, from Irish step dancing to break dancing. In addition to the ballerinas, cheerleaders and other dancers, Baldridge -- dressed in black dress pants, a white button-up shirt and a slim black tie -- shows off some of his own moves.

"Dance With Ya" is one of 16 tracks on Baldridge's recent release, Crossing County Lines. Of those 16 songs, Baldridge co-wrote 15 of them.

“I love being able to be a part of every song on my project,” Baldridge tells The Boot. “… I love being able to single something I know is true to me, and I feel like I can give it a really good, real interpretation of what I’m singing if I’m the one that wrote it.”

"Dance With Ya" is available for download via iTunes.

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