Drew Baldridge's single "Rebound" is the second from his freshman album, Dirt on Us. Baldridge originally wrote the track with hit songwriter Emily Weisband, but it was Baldridge's drummer, Simone Simonton, who gave the singer a new twist on the track and helped make it one of Baldridge's favorite songs he's written.

"Rebound," Baldridge tells The Boot, was inspired by a real-life situation that the artist found himself in, when he realized that he was being unfair to a woman he was seeing. Below, Baldridge shares the story behind the song.

I had this idea from playing basketball -- I was at home playing basketball -- driving back to Nashville.

I was writing that day with Emily. I said, "Man, I’ve got this idea called "Rebound." It would be great to put basketball and love in this." I was going through something in my life right then; it was one of those times when you just didn’t like yourself, because you knew what you were doing to somebody. It was one of those moments, and I wrote the song from her perspective; it was kind of like a self-check for me.

I wrote this song, and Emily sang it with me in the room on the work tape. We wrote it really fast. It was one of those things, when you know it’s easy, you just know it’s right. It just came out of both of us really, really fast.

I played the song for my drummer, Simone Simonton, and she said, "Man, that’s so good, but what if we changed ..." because I had the B section after the chorus -- where Emily’s singing, it was me singing, and I was singing different words. She said, "What if we changed that?" And Emily’s actually saying something like, "She’s tempting you." I said, "Oh my gosh, that’s such a great idea." So Simone came in and helped us write those two things.

[When it was time to record the song,] I said, "Emily, you have to sing this song with me." We got in the studio, and it was super magic. It was cut fast; it wasn’t extra long in there. It was really easy, and when it’s that, you know it’s right.

I’ve had so many people reach out on Facebook and social media that said, "Your song’s changed my life." I didn’t realize how many people had been in the same situation, where somebody was treating them wrong. You don’t deserve to be second, and everyone deserves to find love. They need to be their first choice, and that’s kind of what this song says.

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