Drake White has released the music video for his song "It Feels Good."

The video fits the song's happy atmosphere well, with White hosting a crawfish boil with friends and drinking and dancing on the Louisiana bayou -- and his dance moves celebrate his country roots with a healthy dose of flair.

"It Feels Good" was inspired by one of the most popular songs of last year, Pharrell's "Happy." White co-wrote the track with Derek George and bass player Phillip Pence.

"It was just one of those days that the dew was on the ground," White tells Rolling Stone Country. "I remember thinking about Pharrell's "Happy," and how upbeat it is and easy to catch on to. So I went back to growing up on the banks of the river, always out on makeshift pontoon boats and water skis, barefoot and trying to impress the girls. That's the song — it's not intensely deep, but I wanted it to feel good. If you can make kids, old people and middle-aged people all dance, then you got something."

White says that the song is perfect for summertime, and he's glad to have a track that fans don't have to take too seriously.

"It's one of those tunes where you can go and not think about it too hard," he says. "You're going to turn it up and jam in the car or in the boat."

The singer was dropped from a deal with Mercury, but he is now on the roster at Dot Records and readying a project for a fall release. White says that his tough road to success makes "It Feels Good" even sweeter.

"If somebody tells you that you can't do something, and you're really meant to do, you've got to bust ass to prove everybody wrong," he says. "When I got dropped, I immediately started thinking positively. It sucked; no man wants to get dropped. But I've got a lot of freedom now, and I think the stars are aligned for that organic sound."

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