Country music legend Dolly Parton and singer/songwriter Norah Jones are blending their equally angelic voices ... all in the name of bluegrass.

"My bass player, Lee Alexander, had written this bluegrass signature song called 'Creepin' In'," Norah tells "We were listening a lot to this Dolly record, 'The Grass Is Blue,' that she put out that was all bluegrass, and I loved it, and I think that inspired us. We just thought it would be fun if Dolly came in and sang, and she did!"

Collaborating on the tune was an easy decision for Dolly, who admits it stirred up a bit of nostalgia for her. "It reminded me of the old Hank Williams song, 'Hey Good Lookin',' and some of those kind of fun, light-hearted songs ... A little bit out of character for what you think Norah would actually do. But it was cute, it was fun, and it really fit my style."

Norah says the end result was not at all what she expected -- in a positive way. "I was really surprised at how our voices sounded together," Norah says."They're very different. She has an incredible voice. It's so high, and kind of girly, but also very strong. My voice is different from that. But it all worked out really well."

The song is featured on Norah's new compilation CD, '...Featuring,' that also includes songs by the Foo Fighters, Willie Nelson, Outkast, Ray Charles and Herbie Hancock.

Meanwhile, Dolly will also sing -- and act -- next to rapper/jazz singer/actress Queen Latifah, in a new music-filled flick, 'Joyful Noise,' that will begin filming next year.

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