Dierks Bentley has shared the uplifting new music video for his latest single, "Living," in an adorable new clip that follows an adventure-packed day in the life of the country star and his five-year-old son, Knox. Press play above to watch!

In what marks Knox's video debut, the father and son begin their day with Bentley stumbling out of bed as Knox bangs on a drum set. While the singer's first reaction is to tell him to knock it off, he quickly joins in on the fun, picking up an electric guitar for an impromptu family jam session. As the day continues, we see the pair practicing martial arts, getting in a water gun fight, going out for ice cream, hanging at a water park and much more.

"It's basically just me and Knox, just a day in the life," the proud papa tells People"The two of us, just doing what we're doing when we're off the road, which is a lot. We pack a lot into one every day."

People also shares a sweet behind-the-scenes clip of outtakes and highlights from the video shoot, ending with Knox declaring, "That's a wrap!" with a chocolate ice cream cone in hand.

Bentley previously shared that the inspiration behind "Living" came from a real-life tour moment. After a long time on the road, he explains, he and his band have to make a conscious effort to go out and do a little bit of "living" every day, even if it's easier to just stay on the tour bus whenever they aren't onstage.

"We try to live every day," he says. "No matter what we're doing, we try to get out there and do something that makes us feel like we're living. That's how the song came about."

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