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Jason Isbell, singer and former Drive-By Truckers member, launched a Twitter feud with Dierks Bentley last week. According to Billboard, Jason says Dierks' new single 'Home' is too similar to 'In A Razor Town,' a song from his 2007 solo album, 'Sirens of the Ditch.'

Jason raised the issue on Jan. 6 with a tweet repeatedly misspelling Dierks' name before saying the following in series of follow-up tweets: "'Dierks has officially ripped off my song 'In a Razor Town.' Dierks is a d-----bag. The song of Dierks is called 'Home.'"

Later, Jason called Dan Wilson -- who co-wrote the song with Dierks and Brett Beavers -- a "super smart songwriter" but added "I bet he's never heard my song. I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and Dan ran with it."

The accusations riled up Dierks fans who began replying to Jason. "I think this is a good time to ask all Dierks Bentley fans to unfollow me," Jason added. "We just weren't meant to be friends."

On Jan. 7, Jason commented further: "I have had too much stolen lately. Not gonna let this slide," he began. "I've said what I had to say. Not gonna Twitter fight with another grown person. Not gonna change my position, either."

Last year, Jason had his van and gear stolen. The van was eventually returned, but the gear is still missing.

On Jan. 8, Jason tweeted he "officially 'can't talk about it right now,'" but thanked fans for their support. "I love y'all enough to be honest with you. If a song has my name on it, I wrote the sumb----."

Dierks replied to some of Jason's comments but took the high road and ignored him for the most part. However, in one tweet, the country superstar directed his feelings to some poor innocent third party named Jason Isbel's Twitter account, not Jason Isbell. (Honest mistake!)

"'@JasonIsbel: I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and @Danwilsonmusic ran with it.' –HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is some funny s---!" Dierks tweeted. "Is that what you 'bet' happened? That's how you imagine it? #fantasyworld #getoveryourself. JUST IN: Nashville and LA songwriters running out of ideas ... rushing to steal jason songs!"

Dierks also included a link to an interview which ran last November featuring Dan Wilson talking about the origins of the song 'Home.' "And I think Brett started strumming something and I might have played a chord on the piano, and in about five minutes, we had the verse melody, which was mostly Brett, but I think it was inspired by the piano," Dan said. "When Dierks came back in, we played him this thing. And he said, 'when did you come up with that?'"

Neither musician commented further but Jason tweeted about Dierks misdirected anger. "This poor guy @jasonisbel, just wants to help you have a good trip to Majorca."

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