Dierks Bentley is used to signing his name on all sorts of things for fans, but one lady stopped him dead in his tracks with her autograph request. According to Atlanta's WKHX radio station, a fan handed Dierks a marker and asked him to sign her two-week-old baby's head! The request made Dierks uneasy, to say the least, but he finally relented and gently placed his John Hancock on the baby.

"The head at that point is so vulnerable and transparent," said a concerned Dierks. "I just hopefully didn't get any ink in the child's brain!"

Dierks tells the station his own daughter Evie's head is definitely off-limits for autographs. And anyone close to Evie with a Sharpie, beware of her in-house babysitter. Dierks' longtime canine companion Jake has taken on the role of third parent to his baby girl. "He guards her," Dierks tells WMDH.com of Jake. "If we go upstairs to look at her crib, he walks up right beside us. He thinks he's the second man of the house!"