Dierks Bentley is coming 'Home' to country music with his new album, out Feb. 7. The 12-song project is his first since 2010's bluegrass-tinged 'Up on the Ridge,' and includes the No. 1 hit, 'Am I the Only One.' For his sixth album, the Arizona native assures fans that he's come back to his roots.

"I definitely stepped away and explored some things that were more on the fringe of country music for a little while," Dierks says. "So, this record feels fresh. It doesn't feel like a continuation of any other project or series of recordings. I love being able to try different things musically, and I'm so thankful my fans have followed me to those places. But, I feel like my real 'Home' is in the center of country music."

Dierks has invited some friends 'Home,' with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild singing on the tune, 'When You Gonna Come Around.' Bluegrass musicians Sam Bush and Tim O'Brien can be heard on the song, 'Heart of a Lonely Girl,' while the closing track, 'Thinking of You,' boasts a special guest yet to be revealed.

In addition to penning the album's first two singles -- 'Am I the Only One' and 'Home' -- Dierks is also responsible for the sexy song, 'Breathe You In,' and 'Thinking of You,' which is described as a father's love letter.

Dierks will debut the album at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium Feb. 2. Tickets are available at the Ryman box office, the Ryman website and all Ticketmaster locations.

"My home is in Nashville with my family," the singer says of the album. "My home is on the road with our fans and my home is definitely in country music. This album is more than a year's worth of writing, recording and testing out material on the road in front of our hardcore fans. The end result is an album that runs through all the types of country songs and sounds I enjoy singing and playing. I can't wait to share it with the fans!"

Dierks Bentley, 'Home' Track List:

1. 'Am I the Only One'

2. 'Gonna Die Young

3. 'Tip it on Back'

4. 'Home'

5. 'Diamonds Make Babies'

6. 'In My Head'

7. 'Breathe You in'

8. 'The Woods'

9. 'When You Gonna Come Around'

10. '5-1-5-0'

11. 'Heart of a Lonely Girl'

12. 'Thinking of You'

Watch Dierks' 'Home' Video
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