More than two years ago, Mitchell Tenpenny was charting his path to his recent successes with the song “Truck I Drove in High School.” Tenpenny co-wrote the ode to a rickety representation of teenage freedom with Andy Albert, Jordan Schmidt and fellow up-and-coming star Devin Dawson.

Dawson recently cut his own acoustic revision of the song, and it really lets the song's lyrics shine. With the words at the forefront, it’s clearer than ever that, despite the presence of several party song buzzwords, this one’s about a trip down memory lane, not a trip to the lake.

"I remember feeling like I was king of the road in my first truck," Tenpenny told The Boot in 2017. "It eventually squeaked so bad you could hear me coming from all the way down the road, but that wasn't the point. The point was, you were finally free and able to get out of the house, pick up your friends and just go!"

Tenpenny, Dawson and their collaborators skillfully liken a teenage boy’s first vehicle to a first love: "Lord knows it wasn't perfect / But I was happy it was workin' ... I kinda wonder where she's at these days / I bet she's runnin' like nothin''s changed."

The popularity of Dawson’s version of “God’s Country” inspired his new #MyTake series, which began with this recreation of this cut originally released by Tenpenny.

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