Mitchell Tenpenny's "Truck I Drove in High School" checks the boxes of an upbeat country love song -- but there's not a girl to be found. Readers can press play below to hear the country up-and-comer's ode to his old ride, premiering exclusively with The Boot.

With "Truck I Drove in High School," Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Devin Dawson and Jordan Schmidt co-penned a high-energy track that encapsulates that feeling of being a teenager with a car -- no matter how beat up or broken down it is. The song's first verse paints a perfect picture with lyrics about "a tailgate hangin' on by a thread" and "an old V8 knock-knockin' on heaven's door."

"I remember feeling like I was king of the road in my first truck," Tenpenny tells The Boot. "It eventually squeaked so bad you could hear me coming from all the way down the road, but that wasn't the point. The point was, you were finally free and able to get out of the house, pick up your friends and just go!"

Tenpenny and his co-writers played up the parallels between a first love and a first car with lyrics such as "Lord knows it wasn't perfect / But I was happy it was workin'" and a bridge that goes "I kinda wonder where she's at these days / I bet she's runnin' like nothin''s changed."

"They say ain't nothin' like the first time / And it was love at first drive," Tenpenny sings in the chorus of "Truck I Drove in High School." "Yeah, I owned that road in that rusty gold old truck I drove in high school."

A Nashville native, Tenpenny will release his Linden Ave EP on July 14; the singer-songwriter co-wrote all six tracks on the project, which is available for pre-order via iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. Readers can visit Tenpenny's official website to learn more about him and get a list of upcoming tour dates.

Listen to Mitchel Tenpenny, "Truck I Drove in High School":

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