David Nail has covered Train, but what he'd really love to do is collaborate with the pop-rockers. David recorded Train's 'I'm About to Come Alive' as the title track for his debut CD, and even joined the band onstage to sing the tune during their Nashville stop last year. As the country star works on his next album, the band's influence is still very much alive.

"Man, I would love to record another Train song," David tells The Boot. "I wouldn't want anybody to think that that's just what I was gonna do for the rest of my life: on every album record a Train song, but we've recorded five songs so far. I'm in the process of finding some more songs to record for this next album."

If another cover doesn't make the record, David would settle for a duet with lead singer Pat Monahan. "Pat's my hero as a singer," he says. "He's the best there is. He's the best I've ever heard live, and he can sing anything -- pop, country, R&B ... A lot of my favorite Train songs are the ones they haven't had on the radio. He's it, as far as I'm concerned, as a vocalist, so I would love to record with him."

Pat is a hot commodity in the country community these days. Martina McBride teamed with Train for a recent episode of CMT's 'Crossroads,' where they harmonized on a rafter-shaking rendition of 'A Broken Wing' and several other hits. Pat also stopped by the studio last week to lend some vocals to Martina's new project.

In addition to their music, David admires Train's ability to persevere through the ups and downs of the business. "It's very inspiring seeing what they've done," David explains. "They went through a lull, and now they're about as hot as it is. I remember going to their show and seeing all those kids who are way too young to know 'Drops of Jupiter' and 'Meet Virginia.' That's very inspiring to see a band like that more or less just come out of nowhere and have a whole other second run."

David's on a bit of a run himself these days with his first Grammy nomination for Male Country Vocal Performance for 'Turning Home,' which was co-penned by Kenny Chesney. In a bit of Grammy trivia, according to lastfmtrends.com, if David were to "nail" the Grammy for that song in February, he'd be the first to win that award from a track off of a debut album in 46 years. Roger Miller was the first and last, when won the newly-created award back in 1964.