With less than a month until the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore album, David Nail has released the official cover art and track listing for the project, titled 'The Sound of a Million Dreams,' out Nov. 15.

In an exclusive chat with The Boot, the Grammy-nominated singer divulged the one clear direction he had for the new record, hoping it will "stand up on its own a bit more." Widely applauded for his flawless live vocals, David adds, "[I want to] make it a record you listen to and automatically anticipate seeing live with songs that really stand out live."

The Missouri native enlisted the help of two superstar buddies on one song in particular, co-writing 'I Thought You Knew' with Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. The soulful singer joked about how the male members of the superstar trio coaxed him into cutting the song for the record.

"It was an unspoken formality to say that it was something I dug," he says. "Then Charles definitely put on the pressure and said, 'Hey, you better cut this, or we're going to.' I don't know if that was a sales pitch or him trying to manipulate the situation to make sure I cut or if it was in fact true. It worked itself out."

Another song that made the cut on the 11-song collection is 'Let It Rain,' the project's current radio single. The track continues the singer's string of Top 20s, following the success of his last two hits, 'Turning Home' and 'Red Light.'

David is currently touring in promotion for 'The Sound of a Million Dreams.' Click here to view tour dates and ticket information.

'Sound of a Million Dreams' Track Listing

1. 'Grandpa's Farm'

2. 'Songs for Sale'

3. 'Desiree'

4. 'She Rides Away'

5. 'Let It Rain'

6. 'I Thought You Knew'

7. 'Catch You While I Can'

8. 'Half Mile Hill'

9. 'That's How I'll Remember You'

10. 'The Sound of a Million Dreams'

11. 'Catherine

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