David Nail has released a new single, "Night's on Fire." The song is from his upcoming new album.

The uptempo tune, with lines like "She’s telling you, 'Turn off the highway' / The sunset melts all the blue away / Blackbird watching on the telephone wire / Whiskey on her lips, and the night’s on fire," is part of a brand-new record that was a complete surprise, even to the singer.

“With this record, I had no expectations of making one, period,” Nail tells The Boot. “I took the first two and a half months off this year and was writing a lot, and I wrote a couple songs that I wanted to go in and record, just really as demos. My producer was like, ‘Hey, let’s get the players that played on the last one, and whatever comes of it comes of it,’ and the label caught wind of it and asked me if we had any other songs.”

Still, the Missouri native says that he felt some divine intervention in the recording of the upcoming set of tunes.

“I feel like, more so with this record, there’s been bits of fate involved," Nail adds, "and something kind of underneath the rug that’s led us in the direction to where we’re at."

Nail is spending much of the next few months opening for Little Big Town, on their 2015 Pain Killer Tour. See a complete list of his upcoming shows on his website.

Download "Night's on Fire" on iTunes.

Listen to David Nail, "Night's on Fire":