On March 18, Dave Cobb unveiled his first-ever concept album, Southern Family, packed full of performances from some of Nashville’s heaviest of hitters, such as Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Shooter Jennings and Jason Isbell. Though it’s hard to pinpoint one standout track, it’s safe to say that a fan-favorite has sprung up in "You Are My Sunshine," the classic song beautifully covered by Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane.

"When they told me about that song, I was like, "You Are My Sunshine," really?" Cobb recalls to The Boot. "Out of all these songs, you guys are doing "You Are My Sunshine"?"

It didn't take long for the Stapletons to convince him, though.

"Sometimes I moonlight with them on guitar, and we went onstage, and before we went on, they were like, 'We're doing "Sunshine," it's in G, follow along,'" Cobb recalls. "So I go up there, and they start singing it like the way they sing it on the record, and it just knocked me out -- I mean, so beautiful."

It was so beautiful, in fact, that Cobb had to admit that he was wrong for initially thinking it was a weird song choice.

"I had to apologize afterwards," he says. "That is everybody's song in a lot of ways, and that's what's so great about it, but also it's their song: [When] they first moved in together, they lived in this house with no furniture, [and] they picked up guitars and started playing that song."

And when Cobb says it's the Stapletons' song, he isn't kidding.

"Chris has it on the inside of his wedding ring," he explains. "Morgane put it there, saying, 'You are my sunshine.'"

Southern Family is out now via New Elektra. Fans can find all the details for the memorable record at this location.

Listen to Chris and Morgane Stapleton's "You Are My Sunshine"

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