Danielle Peck is heading to the small screen. The singer will perform this Friday (Feb. 28) on an episode of ABC's hit TV show, 'Shark Tank.'

Peck will perform her new single, 'Kiss Me Like You Miss Me,' in support of her partnership with Kisstixx Lip Balm, a company that appeared on the reality TV show last year.

"I'm so excited to tell everyone about my partnership with Kisstixx and my new song, 'Kiss Me Like You Miss Me,'" Peck gushes. "This tune is all about puckerin' up with the one you love!"

The North Carolina native can also be found on the company's newly-launched website, HowtoKiss.com, with Trick Pony's Ira Dean attempting to put on Peck's make-up.

The 35-year-old's partnership with Kisstixx comes just in time for her own big day. Peck will wed boyfriend Josh Smith later this year in an intimate ceremony.

“We’ve been inseparable ever since! I knew within the first 24hrs that he was ‘The One,’” she says. "My career is still full steam ahead and is only getting better everyday knowing that I’m loved for who I am and completely believed in."

'Shark Tank' airs at 9PM ET on ABC. Download 'Kiss Me Like You Miss Me' here.