Danielle PeckWhen Danielle Peck performed in Zanesville, Ohio on Oct. 17, in recognition of the town's Public Safety Awareness Day, she got her own special recognition in return. The mayors of Zanesville and Coshocton (where Danielle grew up) presented the singer with a new proclamation: Oct. 17 is now officially "Danielle Peck Day." The recognition made by the towns' citizens came as a complete surprise to the country singer, who hasn't performed in the area since her teenage years.

"I was so shocked and frazzled by the news that I actually forgot the words to one of my songs once we began the show!" says Danielle. "What an incredible honor! I've seen so many wonderful faces that I haven't seen in years. Spending time at home always makes me appreciate my upbringing. Everything was wonderful ... I love home!"