Burns and PoeMissed flights and pants that wouldn't stay up were just two of the things Burns & Poe had to deal with when they headed to Dallas to film a video for 'Cowboy Stomp' at the new Cowboy Stadium, home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

"We flew out from Nashville and went to Dallas via Charlotte," Keith Burns told The Boot. "Well, Michelle (Poe, his partner in the duo) and I were so excited about the video that we didn't think we were on Eastern time there for an hour or so, and we missed our flight to Dallas. Lucky for us they had another one, so despite a five-hour layover, we arrived late on Sunday night before the shoot on Monday."

Keith, who also celebrated his birthday on Monday, wrote the tune 13 years ago with Mark Oliverius. When he heard that the Cowboys were looking for a theme song he immediately thought of the tune. "I thought it would be perfect, so we re-wrote the lyrics to fit the Cowboys and turned it into 'Cowboy Stomp.' Michelle and I went into the studio and when we were recording it, I thought wouldn't it be great if Cowboy Troy came in and leant his country rap to the song? He's a big fan of the Cowboys, so he came in and just killed it. We sent it into the folks with the Cowboys and they wanted to start using it immediately."

'Cowboy Stomp' has been played at all of the Dallas Cowboy games in Cowboy Stadium. Now the video will be an added attraction for football fans, who will see it on the giant jumbotron, the world's largest at 70 feet by 180 feet, putting Burns & Poe in front of hundreds of thousands of fans during the season.

"Filming the video was an absolute blast," Michelle told The Boot. "The new stadium is beautiful. Our first impression when we walked in was just 'Wow.' We couldn't believe we were going to shoot a video there.

Cowboy Troy joined Burns & Poe for the video shoot, which was produced by Dale "Rage" Resteghini, whose credits include Fall Out Boy and L'il Wayne. They shot scenes on the Dallas Cowboys star in the center of the stadium and joined four of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, who did a dance routine to the song. Their final part of the shoot was in the end zone, where they tossed around a football and hobnobbed with the Cowboy's mascot, Rowdy.

"Rowdy kept having trouble with his pants," Michelle said, laughing as she described the final shoot of the day. Rowdy is a larger-than-life cowboy who appears at all the Cowboys games wearing a team uniform, huge cowboy hat and boots. "He would have to go behind one of the signs in the end zone to try and fix them."

Rowdy's pants was not the only thing the duo and Cowboy Troy had to contend with while they were shooting the video. There are people constantly coming through on tours of the facility and on Monday there was another event going on.
"There were 5,000 eighth graders there learning CPR," Keith says. "So there were 5,000 blow-up dolls on one end of the stadium that they were using to learn on. That was a really crazy sight!"

Despite dolls, falling pants and delayed flights, shooting on the video was completed in one long day. "We finished around 9 o'clock Monday night," Keith said. "The whole day was larger than life. I think it's going to be an amazing video. And what better way to celebrate my birthday then shooting a video at Cowboy Stadium with some of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?"

Keith says he hopes to go back to a Cowboys game once the video is playing on the Jumbotron to sing The National Anthem and perhaps do a half-time show.

Burns & Poe released their debut single, 'Don't Get No Better Than That,' on Blue Steel Records last month. Keith noted that they shot the video for that song in the past week, as well. The pair plan an album release in the spring of 2010.