Exercise more and eat less -- that may be the most common New Year's resolution, but that's not exactly what we heard when we asked about the resolutions of some of country's brightest stars! Here are a few of our favorite celebrity plans for 2011:

Jaron and the Long Road to Love: "To end the long road to love."

Frankie Ballard: "To pray more and play guitar more!"

Stephen Barker Liles (Love and Theft): "To eat healthier, sing louder and hang out with Chris Young more."

Jeff Bates: "To be the best father I can possibly be to my daughter."

Sunny Sweeney: "I think I'm going to cut back on some of the language I use sometimes."

Troy Olsen: "To eat more beef, drink more good wine, and listen to more Buck Owens!"

Joanna Smith: "To love more, stress less and write the best song I've ever written!"

Trent Willmon: "To judge others and myself less harshly, to remind myself that if I see something I don't like in someone else it is because it's present in my own life, and to try to not drop the F-bomb anymore!"

Brantley Gilbert: "I'd like to spend a lot more time with my mother, my grandmother, my family and my friends back home."

Keith Burns (Burns & Poe): "To learn Spanish, so I know what they are saying about me at [Nashville restaurant] Las Palmas."

Leslie Harter (The Harters): "To live everyday like it's my last!"

Mike Harter (The Harters): "To keep in better touch with old friends."

Scott Harter (The Harters): "No resolution for me; I don't like letting myself down."

Trailer Choir: "To make and eat more homemade macaroni salad (mayonnaise-based, not mustard-based) with family and friends, and to drink a cold beer with as many country music loving fans as we can at every Trailer Choir show; estimated 6. 8 million cold beers. Holla!"

Julie Roberts: "I would like to live in the moment more. Enjoy the journey of life, laugh a lot and smile even more! Also, I'd like to pay my student loans on time!"

Daryle Singletary: "Well, as always, to go on a diet. [laughs] But on a more serious note, my resolution is to be the best father and husband that God wants me to be."

Brad Cotter: "To finally jump on the social-networking bandwagon. I'm actually going to log onto my Facebook page and Twitter page more than once every other month or so! [laughs]"

Roger Creager: "To not make more New Year's resolutions: less disappointment in February. Or, plan B, sing a duet with Taylor Swift; it's going to be a rough February!"

Adam Craig (Adam Craig Band): "To try to appreciate every moment of everyday, try to connect better with our fans and audience, not take anything for granted."

Brian Smith (Adam Craig Band): "I want to make time for more fishing!"

Elaine Roy (The Roys): "To be more grateful, to give back and of course to continue to exercise and eat right."

Lee Roy (The Roys): "Eat better and give back as much as I can to help others."

Jamie Johnson (The Grascals): "I am going to make more family time and not hold the world on my shoulders!"

Kristin Scott Benson (The Grascals): "I hope to be a more mature Christian and pray effectively for my family and friends."

Terry Eldredge (The Grascals): "Be good to my family, neighbors and fans. That way I'll always have good family, neighbors and fans."

Jeremy Abshire (The Grascals): "Peace on Earth and good will towards man and woman."

Terry Smith
(The Grascals): "To work more fish into my diet, just for the halibut."

Danny Roberts (The Grascals): "I'm just going to try to be the best dad and husband I can."

Matt Gary: "Keeping my head down, my eye on the ball and my nose to the grindstone, all the while remembering to make time to enjoy the little things: my family, friends, fans, golf, fishing and snowboarding!"

Duane Propes (Little Texas): "To bust the myth that nice guys finish last."

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