At Christmas time, country stars have the rare opportunity to park the tour bus and enjoy time with family. The Boot talked to several of your favorite singers about their yearly traditions.

Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne: Each year, I get involved with the Angel Tree Program. It's about giving back. I encourage everybody to find that Angel Tree somewhere and pick an angel off it and sponsor that kid -- at least one. Buy stuff that they need.

Jake Owen: I get to spend a lot of time with my family and go home. It's a really good time. I don't get to go home a lot, so I really enjoy just going home and seeing my twin brother. Plus, it's a time of giving. We don't really give gifts or anything. It's more about spending time with each other and doing things for other people.

Trent Willmon: I hang out with my daughter and her family. We cook, eat, snowboard, and watch the kids open more presents in an hour than I got my whole life!

Chris Young: We always get the family together and go out to look at Christmas lights. And we always put our tree up together.

Zac BrownZac Brown (Zac Brown Band): Christmas just gets better and better having little ones now. Justice, my oldest, is 3 years old. She's really grasping onto things and having conversations now. That's going to be awesome.

Dave Robbins (formerly of BlackHawk): Christmas traditions include decorating the tree and watching 'A Christmas Story.' On Christmas Eve, we watch 'Christmas Vacation' and let the boys open one gift!

Brad Cotter: Christmas has always been a big deal for my family probably due to the fact that my Granddaddy always made sure that the family was all together on Christmas. After he returned from World War II, he swore that if he had any say, he would never be separated from his loved ones on Christmas again. I, too, always make sure I'm home at some point for Christmas. There's just something so special about getting together with family and friends. We don't put any emphasis on presents in our family -- we don't even give each other gifts any more! This wasn't my idea, but I'm cool with it! [laughs] As long as I get to spend some time with my Grandmother and Aunt Gladys, then all is well. And, we eat like there's never going to be another meal served, thanks to all of the women in the family who are such great cooks.

Trent Tomlinson: We usually drive to the Smokey Mountains and pick a Christmas tree out of the mountains -- actually cut it down and bring it home. We wait for a good, snowy day in December and go up there and cut one down. It's always a good time.

Keith Burns (Burns & Poe): [As kids], my brother and I would wait until my mom and dad were ready, then we would run down the hall holding hands before we tore open presents. We also wore footie pajamas. It was awesome, because you could slide across the kitchen floor!