The Boot caught up with BlackHawk members Henry Paul and Dave Robbins to discuss the band's 1993 hit single, 'Every Once in a While,' which they took all the way to No. 1 on the country chart. Henry and Dave wrote the song with former founding BlackHawk member, Van Stephenson, who passed away from skin cancer in early 2001.

Henry: This was part of a group of songs we wrote before we recorded our first album. It wound up being our second single and our first No. 1. We wrote it about our respective girlfriends that we used to go steady with in high school. [laughs] We know that they're all back there still, closing their eyes and thinking about us with a smile!

Dave: The first year-and-a-half we started writing, we wrote about 30 songs. That was one of the three or four that made our record. It was an early, early song for us. Once we hit on that song, we started thinking that we were going in the right direction with this band, so that was a pivotal song in our career.

Henry: And it still is.

Henry and Dave have been in the studio working on new BlackHawk music, which they anticipate being released in the early part of 2011. For a sneak peak of the new tunes, visit their website by clicking here.