Craig Morgan is putting a Yule log on his 'Bonfire,' just in time for Christmas! The singer, who's current hit is in the Top 5, is releasing a holiday-themed version of 'Bonfire,' which will be available to purchase digitally on Dec. 21.

"This song is getting huge crowd response at all of my shows, and I've played it live a lot over the past few months," says Craig. "When you tour like I do, you spend a lot of hours on the bus, and one day I was just playing around with this song and also riffing on some Christmas stuff I was thinking about putting in the show. Then I started messing with the lyrics. Within about ten minutes I had this new version, and everyone got a kick out of the idea ... my band, family, even management and the label, so we decided to run with it!"

And where Craig ran with it when it came time to record the new version was Room 418 of the Holiday Inn Express in Kennesaw, Ga. With a touring schedule that has included entertaining the troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Germany earlier this fall, Craig has been on the road non-stop. So rather than take time to get into a recording studio to get the track out in time for Christmas, Craig's co-producer Phil O'Donnell and engineer Mitch Malloy went to him -- setting up portable recording gear and converting Room 418 into a studio, using the bathroom as an isolation booth for vocals.

The track includes jingle bells (borrowed from Malloy's daughter's toy box), tambourine, some percussion, and even their own background vocals. Listen to the song here.

Craig finishes the year with tour dates leading up to a USO trip later this month, and is getting ready to join Carrie Underwood's Play On tour in March. Tickets for all announced dates will go on sale Friday (Dec. 18).