Colt Ford knows the recipe for a great party: take some of the brightest names in hip-hop, a big helping of their fans, a homemade slip-and-slide and a dash of Crisco, and you've got for one helluva bash. The country rapper's 'Waste Some Time' video has all the key ingredients, filmed at a lake just outside of his hometown of Athens, Ga.

"We invited a bunch of fans out, and there was even a cow out there ... I think her name was Amber," Colt tells The Boot. "The farm owners kept saying she was bottle fed and friendly, but I don't run fast so I kept my golf club handy ... just in case!"

'Waste Some Time' is from Colt's third studio album, 'Every Chance I Get.' The brand-new record includes an eclectic who's-who list of vocal guests. "It was really cool and such an honor to get to record a song with such amazing artists -- Nappy Roots and Nic Cowan," Colt says of 'Waste Some Time,' "and the fact we all come from different genres doesn't matter to the fans. That combination of sounds is what I think makes music great.

"'Waste Some Time' has a cool, mellow grove and gets you in the mood for having fun in the summer," he continues. "And we figured out at the shoot, it's also the perfect song to lather up with some Crisco and belly-flop onto a homemade slide into a lake, as well. Who knew?"

Watch the world premiere of Colt Ford's 'Waste Some Time' video, featuring Nappy Roots and Nico Cowan, below.


Photo Courtesy of Girlilla Marketing
Photo Courtesy of Girlilla Marketing