Colt Ford and Mitchell Tenpenny don't usually spend their days in empty warehouses, but they did recently, to film the music video for their new collaboration, "Slow Ride." The pair of artists are taking The Boot's readers behind the scenes of the shoot in a new clip; press play above to watch.

"We got us a banger," says Ford of "Slow Ride," which he co-wrote with Taylor Phillips, Josh Mirenda, Jared Sciullo and Justin David Bertoldie. And it only took him one phone call to get Tenpenny on board.

"Man, I loved it. First time I heard the song, I was all in," Tenpenny says of the song. "And getting a call from Colt Ford, too -- c'mon, now ... Look what happens from that!"

In the behind-the-scenes video, fans will see Ford and Tenpenny filming their pieces of the "Slow Ride" music video with director Ed Pryor. "He hooked it up right," Ford says of the director.

"It's pretty fantastic, I have to say," Pryor adds.

Produced by Phivestarr and Noah Gordon, "Slow Ride" is one of 14 track on and the first single from Ford's newest album, We the People, released on Sept. 20. Other collaborators on the project include Jimmie Allen, Walker Montgomery, Michael RayEddie Montgomery and Dan Tyminski, to say nothing of the famous names that helped write the record's songs.

"Making this one, I went back to the beginning when I really didn't know any better. I didn't let anybody tell me the rules or say, 'You can't do this; you've got to do that.' Instead, I let the feeling of the songs guide me," Ford says of the album. "The record reignited my passion for playing and making music. My music transcends politics, religion and rules. That's what this whole project is about."

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