Country stars shared a creative variety of new music videos this week, running the gamut from humorous to dramatic -- and everything in between. Read on!

Maddie & Tae, "Bathroom Floor":

Maddie & Tae offer a pick-me-up in the music video for "Bathroom Floor." The duo comes to the rescue in a heartbreak fix-it-van, gathering up broken hearts across town from their bathroom floors and delivering them to a club where they forget their worries. The duo made the video in tribute to the solidarity that friends share when somebody gets hurt.

"The heartbreak repair service really made it so fun and was a dramatic take on what we do for our girlfriends when they have their hearts broken." Maddie Marlow tells CMT about making the video.

Lindsay Ell, "I Don't Love You":

He loves me, He loves me not - it's a moot point for Linsday Ell in the music video for "I Don't Love You." Dressed in a stunning Lazaro gown and surrounded by a whimsical field of flowers, Ell is surrounded by falling petals, as romance fades from love to missing the idea of what it once was. The dark and light contrasts of the video symbolize the painful ending that leads to a beautiful new beginning.

Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus, "This is Us":

Jimmie Allen is joined by pop star Noah Cyrus in the steamy music video for "This is Us." Standing in a dark pool of water, Allen and Cyrus play out intricate harmonies, reflecting on the past as they wade in deeper -- and, ultimately, find each other again.

Ron Pope, "Bone Structure":

Ron Pope says the most memorable aspect of making the music video for "Bone Structure" was learning the intricate piano background for filming (it was performed on the recording by Rob Crowell).

In addition to hours of practicing the keys, Pope says the dancer featured in the clip was critical to sending his message. "Lily Saito, of the Nashville Ballet, is the dancer in the video and she does an incredible job of visually adding emotion to the song." Pope tells CMT. "...iI’s such a great way of conveying raw feelings and Lily was perfect. The song is about a summer long ago when I mistook lust for love, and about the aftermath of the relationship. She encapsulated that so well."

Colt Ford (feat. Jimmie Allen), "Back to Them Backroads":

It's "Back to Them Backroads" for Colt Ford and Jimmie Allen, in a video that revisits country roots full of winding dirt roads, rural towns, junk yards and farm fields, all set to a hip hop-tinged beat. Ford and Allen spin out on an ATV and shoot some clays over the open farmlands outside of Nashville.

Ross Ellis, "Buy and Buy":

Ross Ellis takes a somber look at loss in the music video for "Buy and Buy." Telling the story of his childhood home burning to the ground, Ellis compares it to the destruction of deadly Tornados in the Nashville area on March 3rd.

“In all honesty, it is so trivial in comparison to what people have gone through in recent days,” Ellis says in an interview with American Songwriter. “I’ve learned that things can be rebuilt and replaced, but my heart breaks for the precious lives that were lost in Middle Tennessee on Tuesday...I hope this song and video offers some comfort to those who need it.”

Sam Doores, "Other Side of Town" (ft. Alynda Segarra of Hurray for the Riff Raff):

Sam Doores features former bandmate (Hurray for the Riff Raff) Alynda Segarra in the music video for "Other Side of Town," off his solo debut. A gritty look at the non-stop adventure of Mardi Gras, the video follows the artist from Bourbon Street into a dimly lit bar where he encounters Segarra and enjoys a dance before the party moves into the street for a parade in the light of the next day.

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