Colt Ford raised a glass (or two) in celebration this week, as his new liquor line, Goodtime, hit store shelves for the first time. The new business venture, which is in partnership with Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors, includes 90-proof Goodtime Moonshine and 80-proof Goodtime Vodka. [Watch exclusive video from the Goodtime launch party below!]

"I wanted to have real moonshine made by real moonshiners and that is what I got," the singer-songwriter explains. "This took over a year to get the government to approve, and it is really special. I could not be more proud to be involved with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors. We have some great moonshine and vodka that I will put up against any on the market. This is gonna be a fun ride, and I am gonna do everything I can to make the world have a GOODTIME!"

The new liquor line is currently only available in Georgia and Tennessee, with expansion plans for other states in the works.

Go Behind the Scenes of Colt's Goodtime Party
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Colt, who has written songs for other artists including Jason Aldean, Bradley Gaskin and Montgomery Gentry, released his own third studio album, 'Every Chance I Get,' earlier this year. The project, which features guest vocalists such as Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Charlie Daniels and Tim McGraw on almost every track, was one of his most prized accomplishments to date.

"You'll know the voices of everybody on the album," Colt tells The Boot. "Eric Church -- nobody sounds like him! He is a regular old bad ass, too, which I love. Luke Bryan is a great country singer. And of course that little known guy, Tim McGraw, there's nobody like him."

Colt is spending much of the next several months on the road, promoting his new album. He heads to Jacksonville, Fla., tonight, followed by stops in South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. Keep track of his tour schedule here.