Colt Ford will make his Declaration of Independence this summer, and we have a sneak preview! The county rapper nicknamed 'Mr. Goodtime' (and for good reason) is letting The Boot "leak" one of the standout tracks from the album, "Answer to No One."

"This song says who I am. Sometimes artists forget to tell people who they are, but it's really clear with this song who I am," says Colt. "The beat is rocking and it was a chance to work with a new artist, JJ Lawhorn, who is going to be a star! This song is like the perfect appetizer for my new album, which is the best thing I have ever done."

Listen to "Answer to No One"

Declaration of Independence, featuring "Answer to No One," will be the Georgia native's fourth studio album. "That's an appropriate title for the way I do business," Colt explains. "To maintain my independence as a musician, I've done everything my way on my own label. I think a lot of people in the business sometimes wish they'd done things this way."

Colt is already on tour in support of the project, with the Lacs, JB and the Moonshine Band and Lenny Cooper along for the ride. Get a full list of their concert dates here.