Clay Walker discovered the hard way it's best not to get between his pregnant wife, Jessica, and her cravings. "She's having Thin Mints on the couch the other night and I asked her for one and she threw them at me, the whole bag, because it was the last bag," he tells The Boot with a laugh. "I've learned never to ask a pregnant woman for one of her cookies."

In Clay's defense, he didn't know it was the last bag. Jessica will deliver the couple's third baby this summer. They already have a son and a daughter, and decided not to find out the sex of the new bundle beforehand. "We don't know what we've having," says Clay, who also has two teenage daughters from a previous marriage. "That's an exciting thing to look forward to."

Clay's first book, "Jesus Was A Country Boy: Life Lessons on Faith, Fishing and Forgiveness," came out earlier this month. The book, which takes its title from one of his previous singles, is meant to encourage others as they understand how Clay's faith has gotten him through many struggles, including being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 17 years ago. "They can experience what a country boy like me thinks about [faith]. I'm pretty well traveled and well versed and it's taken me 43 years to be able to write a book like this. Not that I'm a sage, but it will give a lot of people encouragement to either get back in their respective churches or just find God on their own basis."

The book and baby aren't Clay's only productions: He's in the studio recording a follow-up to his 2010 album, She Won't Be Lonely Long, which featured the Top 5 single of the same name. "I'm in the studio right now recording," says the country star, who is working with producer Jimmy Ritchey. "We're going in a direction that is modern but is definitely still country. I'm going to finish the record probably in about a month, shop it and see what we want to do."

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