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Clay Walker definitely wanted to capture some of the original essence of his favorite Alabama hit, 'Feels So Right,' when he recorded the 1981 hit for his latest CD, and getting Randy Owen to sing on it with him didn't hurt. But it was what happened next that was really amazing, lending an even more authentic feel to the cut. Clay managed to track down the original arranger who did the strings on the Alabama smash nearly 30 years ago.

"We called her," Clay tells The Boot, "and she said, 'It's weird that you're calling me, because two days ago I started moving offices and I just put the box that has the original strings from that recording on my desk. It's sitting here right now.' So I asked could you do it, and she said, 'I'll come do it.' So my recording of that song has the original strings used on the first one ... talk about 'The Secret' in action!"

Clay's first concert was an Alabama show back in 1982. The singer recently told told The Boot about how his mom reacted when she heard the supergroup perform the song.

'She Won't Be Lonely Long' is available now.