Chris Young celebrated the recent No. 1 success of 'Voices' -- his third chart-topper in a row -- at a party in Nashville on Monday (March 21). The thrill of topping the country charts with it has not gone away for Chris, especially because it was the second time he released the song.

"I'm still just as excited as when we finally found out [it went No. 1]," Chris tells The Boot. "This one's just a little bit different than the other No. 1s and a little bit more special because it was a re-release. I always thought it was a little funny that the guy that held the record was Randy Travis, most recently. It's been 25 years since he had 'On the Other Hand' re-released and [hit] No. 1. That was one of the guys that I grew up listening to, and ... I bought his whole anthology collection as a kid and was listening to all of his records. It's pretty cool to have your name in record books next to somebody that was really like a huge, huge musical influence on me and an inspiration as an artist."

Chris made chart history in February when 'Voices' hit the top of the country chart, joining Randy Travis as only the second artist in Billboard country chart history ever to release the same single and same recording of a song and see it go to the top of the chart on its second try. Randy scored a chart-topper with 'On the Other Hand,' which peaked at No. 67 in 1985, only to hit No. 1 the next year as the follow-up to his Top 10 song, '1982.' Chris' 'Voices' was released in 2008 and spent 20 weeks on the charts stalling at No 37. It was re-released in July 2010 following the singer's first two No. 1 singles, 'Gettin' You Home (the Black Dress Song)' and 'The Man I Want to Be.'

The Tennessee native was not quite sure about re-releasing the song, but one of his record label executives assured him it would work. "To this day, I will still credit Keith [Gale] with the decision to go with this song again," says Chris. "I looked at him and said, 'Man, I know we've got the back-to-back No. 1s and everything, but are you sure?' He said, 'Yes! I'm positive. We can get this. This is the song.' It's something I obviously believed in because I was a co-writer on it and brought it in, but for them to really get behind it ... it's not the day of that stuff any more. Now, it's what's new? What's the most brand new thing you have? Let's move on to something different if this didn't work? It's definitely a big deal being on RCA that they stuck with it."

Chris recently finished up a nearly six-month run on the road with Rascal Flatts, and he's set to open for Jason Aldean on the summer leg of the superstar's My Kinda Party tour, kicking off in Milwaukee, Wis., on July 8. But first, he will perform at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday (March 22), followed by a show in Katy, Texas, on Thursday (March 24). For more information on where to see Chris in concert, click here.

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