Chris Young has a tough act to follow with his 2011 album, Neon, which has yielded two No. 1 singles (so far) and the Tennessee native's first platinum-selling hit, "Tomorrow." Chris has been working on music to keep that momentum going ever since the album came out.

"I'm always really cautious with what I say when I've got an album out currently and I'm working on a new one," the singer told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "Because then people are like, 'Oh? What's the new stuff? We want to hear that.' But yeah, I've pretty much got the next record done already. I'm still in the studio a little bit, but I have the single order in my head already and ideas about what I want to call it. It's not going to take long into next year before people start hearing a lot more about it."

Chris adds that he never allows himself any time to bask in the success of his latest project before moving on.

"As soon as I'm done, even with this next one, probably by the time people hear the first single off the next record, I'll be working on the one after that," he explains. "You have to stay ahead of the curve. It will sneak up on you. People are like, 'OK, you're on the fourth single from this album. It's been out for a while.' I'm like, 'It has? I don't think it's been out that long.' And it's been well over a year! And that's not a long time for you to write 10, 11, 12 songs, and you're in love with five of them. That's when you go writing as a songwriter every day, hopefully you find one of those every month or so. You really have to stay ahead of it a little bit."

Chris will get plenty of time to perform newer and older songs as he crosses the country on his Liquid Neon tour, which includes Thomas Rhett and Joanna Smith as opening acts. Keep track of his concert schedule here.

Watch Chris Perform 'Neon' Live