Chris YoungChris Young experienced his first No. 1 song in October when 'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)' took over Billboard's top slot. When his royalty check rolled in as co-writer of the tune, Chris made a unique but practical purchase. But first, he had his accountant sweating bullets!

"I went out and found something that I wanted," Chris tells GAC. "I texted my accountant and said 'Hey -- I found what I'm going to get.' She didn't text me back, so I just went and bought it. Well, while I'm going to buy it, I leave my phone [at home]. She freaked out! I got back, and there were all these text messages from her ... 'Oh my gosh, did you buy a Porsche? What are you buying? Call me!' She was getting all nervous. I called her and she [asked], 'What did you get?' I told her I got a washing machine. Now all my buddies make fun of me -- they're like, 'You got a washing machine? Really?!'"

No doubt Chris hopes his latest single, the title track from his album, 'The Man I Want to Be,' washes over fans like 'Gettin' You Home' did! Later this month, Chris will be featured on GAC's 'Stars for Stripes' special, detailing his trip overseas with Craig Morgan.