With the CMA Awards just around the corner, we spent a few minutes with Chris Young to chat about his first nomination, the competition and the oh-so-important issue of what he's wearing!

Chris is up for New Artist of the Year, alongside Jerrod Niemann, Luke Bryan, Easton Corbin and the Zac Brown Band. If Chris doesn't take home the award, who would he like to see have it? "Jerrod Niemann," Chris tells The Boot. "He's a friend of mine. I've known Jerrod for a long time, before he had this record deal. We wrote songs and played shows together. If I had to root for someone else, it would be him."

It's not all brotherly love, however. "I'd just as soon lock Jerrod somewhere so he couldn't get out for the show," Chris says with a laugh. "I think it should be a rule that you must be present to win."

If the 'Voices' singer does win, he's not the type to walk up with a pre-written acceptance speech. "I will fly by the seat of my pants," he assures. "It would be more honest that way. Any time I've been up for something, I've never thought, 'I'm going to say this.' If I win, mine is going to the interesting speech. You always have too many people to thank and that's one of the coolest things, because I have had so many people believe in me."

And while Chris doesn't think he's going to be taking a date, not even Mom, that won't keep him from going out afterward. "I'm going to celebrate no matter what," he insists. "It's my first time being nominated, and I grew up in Nashville so this is something I went to as a fan. It's just cool to have your name in that hat."

As all the stars do, Chris has been considering his wardrobe for the big night. "It's down between two suits," he explains. "I think one of them is John Varvatos and one of them is Dolce & Gabbana. I don't know for a fact, but I will know when I get there. I know it's a major faux pas if you don't know who you're wearing when someone asks you."

Although, don't think Chris has been hitting up the mall to find his duds. "I definitely do have a stylist," he says. "She's really, really good. They knew if they didn't get me a stylist that I would show up in jeans and a t-shirt. [laughs]"

Also on the agenda for the CMAs, Chris is scheduled to present a trophy to one of his fellow singers. "I think it will be fun to go out there and present an award," he says. "It's just cool to be on that show and, obviously, having my first CMA nomination, so the fact that they're going to let me be on the show is just that much more special."

Make sure to watch Chris on the 44th Annual CMA Awards Wednesday, November 10 at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.