This week, Chris Young earned his fifth consecutive No. 1 with 'You.' That means he and Blake Shelton are the only solo artists to have their five most recent singles top the Billboard country songs chart. Could this lead to a little friendly competition between the two singers?

"I actually haven't said anything to him about it yet," Chris tells The Boot. "I'm sure I will, at some point, because when you're on tour with Miranda Lambert, you're going to run into Blake. When you're on tour with Blake, vice versa. I'm sure he'll have something to say next time I see him. [laughs] I'm excited about it. Excited for him, too. This is definitely something that I know is a big deal."

While 'You' is the fifth in a line of successful tunes, Chris was particularly pleased when it became a single, because of its uniqueness. "As simple as this song is, it's got this really cool groove to it, and I was so excited that we went with this one because it is different than some of the other songs I've had out," he explains. "It's definitely different when you listen to it back-to-back with 'Tomorrow.' 'Tomorrow' is this big power-ballad love song. 'You' has almost an R&B/country feel, and I got to use my falsetto on the song, got to play around a little bit vocally."

The majority of those five record-tying songs focus on one subject: love. So, does singing those songs every night giving Chris the itch to fall in love and settle down?

"I don't know," Chris admits with a laugh. "It would have to be the right person." From the looks of his relationship with Blake (pictured above), Miranda may be the one with competition.

As he said, the Tennessee native is currently on tour with Miranda, with their next stop Saturday (Feb. 4) in Orlando, Fla. Get a full list of concert dates here.

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