Former 'American Idol' finalist Chris Sligh made it to the Top 10 in Season Six of the popular talent competition, and it was one of the last years all three original judges were present. Since then, lots of changes have been going on -- Kara Dioguardi was hired and is now leaving, Paula Abdul has gone, Ellen DeGeneres came and went, Simon Cowell has left, and rumors are flying about other celebrities filling the judges' chairs, including Howard Stern, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Chris feels that it may be a brilliant move on the part of 'Al' producers to pick the former frontman for Aerosmith as a judge. "Randy [Jackson] is there and it's supposedly Steven Tyler and J-Lo ... I have a feeling Steven Tyler is going to be a genius move," Chris tells The Boot. "Everybody is questioning it, but I think it's going to be genius because that guy is so high all the time, it's going to be like Paula, except for in a crabby male version. It's going to be like if you combine Simon and Paula without the empathy. It's going to be awesome, and plus, that dude is so ugly that I cannot imagine on HDTV ... that is just going to be epic."

The singer-songwriter doesn't think Jennifer Lopez will make much of an impact, but if she does become a judge, he believes she will be better than Kara. "J-Lo is going to be boring. She'll take the place of Kara, but I hope she doesn't come across as condescending as Kara did," Chris says candidly. "I had friends that said, 'I'm just not going to watch it while Kara's on there.' And I'd ask, 'Why don't you like Kara?' And they couldn't really say why, they couldn't pinpoint why. I think the reason why is because she was so condescending all of the time, I just want to punch the TV. If I didn't have a $2,000 TV, I would literally throw the remote at the TV every time she talked. As a songwriter, she is incredible. She is a ridiculously good pop songwriter. But you put her in a situation where she has to tell people how to do better, and it just comes across as so condescending."

As for the original three, Chris did feel a change had to be made. "The thing with the original judges, there was a synergy there at the beginning that even by the time my season came around, it started to fall off a little bit," he says. "And I think that's why they added Kara, because they thought, 'Something's not as good as before. Egos are getting bigger.' Simon's ego, you could tell, was just filling up the room by the end. I think they were just trying to capture something. Hopefully, with this new set of judges they can find some of that same synergy, because last season was just horrible."

Chris is set to release his new album, 'The Anatomy of Broken,' on September 14.