Chris Janson has released the music video for his latest single, "Holdin' Her," off of his Buy Me a Boat album.

Janson's fans may love "Holdin' Her," but the track was penned specifically for a few select fans -- his wife and kids -- and the video matches that sentiment. Janson opens the clip by discussing the importance of family in a voiceover, saying "I didn't know what life was about until I got married." As a whole, the project, directed by Edgar Esteves, gives an up-close-and-personal look into Janson's home life; it features footage of Janson, his wife Kelly, their two kids and Janson's two "bonus kids" from his wife's previous marriage.

“”Holdin’ Her” is my favorite song — my No. 1 favorite,” Janson says. “It’s an absolute true story, from start to finish. It’s the story of the things that I love most: my wife and my kids and my journey in life ... If anyone wants a real look inside my life, here it is.

"Out of all the songs I’ve ever written," he continues, ""Holdin’ Her" is the one song that I have always wanted to hear on the radio.”

Janson and his wife got married in 2010, and the singer has been very vocal about the importance of family in his life, telling The Boot that he "just love[s] being a dad more than anything."

Fans see plenty of Janson's wife in the "Holdin' Her" video, but it's not the first time that she's made an appearance in one of her husband's clips.

“I say this now, I’ll say it 10 years from now if we’re still making videos: My wife has always been the lead, smoking-hot chick in the video," he says. "Except for my first one, whenever they wouldn’t let me and I wasn’t married yet, but ever since I’ve been married and made my own decisions, my wife [has been and] will be the chick in the video; my kids and my family will be the actors in the video.

"I write real songs, I sing real songs," Janson adds, "and I don’t ever want to be falsely identified.”

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