Chris Janson's career is soaring right now, but the married father of four, who recently scored his first three ACM Awards nominations (New Male Vocalist of the Year and Single Record of the Year as both artist and producer), says that all of his musical successes and accolades pale in comparison to his greatest accomplishment: his family.

"I just love being a dad more than anything," Janson told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "Even on the taxing days, there’s no greater feeling. It’s the biggest blessing in the world."

Married to wife Kelly since 2010, Janson says that his family -- which also includes four children, two with his wife and two from her previous marriage -- will always take priority over his music.

"I do everything with my wife. We do everything together. We do everything with our kids, too. We’re a very family-oriented family," he boasts. "That de-stresses me. As much as kids and life can stress you out and just become so much and so quick some days, it’s ironically the most de-stressing thing I have in my life, and it’s what I do to decompress, and that’s why I’m around them all the time."

And the singer-songwriter isn't afraid to mix business and family; in fact, he makes sure that, in all of his music videos, his wife and their children appear.

"I say this now, I’ll say it 10 years from now if we’re still making videos: My wife has always been the lead, smoking-hot chick in the video. Except for my first one, whenever they wouldn’t let me and I wasn’t married yet, but ever since I’ve been married and made my own decisions, my wife [has been and] will be the chick in the video; my kids and my family will be the actors in the video. I write real songs, I sing real songs, and I don’t ever want to be falsely identified."

Janson's newest release, Buy Me a Boat, is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Chris Janson Discusses Surprising Success

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