Charles Kelley has revealed some additional details about his plans for his solo career while Lady Antebellum take a break to focus on their families.

The singer, whose wife, Cassie McConnell Kelley, is expecting a baby boy early next year, says that he plans on focusing on smaller venues and more intimate experiences with his fans.

“Lady Antebellum kind of skipped this whole spot in our career because it happened so fast," Kelley tells The Boot. "We got on the Martina [McBride] tour … we were playing arenas pretty quick.”

With Lady A officially done with their Wheels Up 2015 Tour, Kelley plans to play in clubs as a solo artist, instead of at bigger concert venues.

“We never got to do the full club tour, which is always a dream of mine," he shares. "I know that sounds silly. Of course my dream was always arenas and amphitheaters, but there’s something about playing in a dirty club: people grabbing on your legs, you can smell the beer in the air, you can see everybody's faces. That was my goal.

"I told them, 'I'm gonna go out, no setlist, not a big production, and just fly by the seat of my pants a little bit, for a few months," Kelley adds.

The singer-songwriter says that complete details on his solo tour will be announced soon, and he expects to release his solo EP next year; its first single, "The Driver," is out now.

Kelley insists that he is doing this solo project for reasons other than fame and fortune.

“It was funny: My business manager, she goes, ‘You know you’re not gonna make any money with two buses going on a club tour,’” Kelley tells Taste of Country. “I said, ‘I don’t care; I’m doing this for my soul.’

"This just one of those dreams I’ve always had … to be able to really go and do it down and dirty. No setlist. Let it kind of fly by the seat of my pants each night," he continues. "Lady Antebellum are a much more structured thing — and it should be, ‘cause you got the lights, you got the full production, and, you know, people are expecting to hear what they know and all the hits.”

Fans of the award-winning trio need not fear, though. Kelley insists that the threesome have a long and bright future ahead of them.

“I wouldn’t have done this without [bandmates] Hillary [Scott] and Dave [Haywood] giving me their blessing,” Kelley maintains. “Lady Antebellum will always be my focus ... Lady Antebellum will never break up. Mark my words."

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