Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley has released "The Driver," the first single off of his upcoming solo project.

The track begins with a slow-tempo musical section, setting the feel of the song before the lyrics even begin. But by the time the vocals kick in, the instrumentation has taken a backseat, almost fooling the listener into thinking that the entire thing was done a cappella.

"I’m the driver / Bringing the circus to town / First one in and the last rolling out / Shuttin’ down," the song begins. "The up-all-nighter / All the stars and sunrises I’ve seen / Every cornfield and town in between / West to east."

"The Driver" was co-written by Kelley, Abe Stoklasa and Eric Paslay. Paslay also appears on the track with the Lady A frontman, as well as Dierks Bentley.

“The perspective seemed like a Crosby, Stills and Nash story song,” Kelley says of the lyrics. “We went in the studio to record it with no agenda. I thought, maybe it’ll be the start of the next Lady Antebellum record, maybe we’ll scrap it, maybe I’ll pitch the song to other singers.”

Throughout the ballad, the singers take on the personas they're singing about: the dreamer, the believer, the singer and, of course, the driver.

"Oh, easy come, easy go / Yeah, we rock, then we roll / Out of town," they sing during the chorus. "But for now / While the moment is here / Shine a light / Drink a beer / Let's get loud / All the drivers and dreamers / Leavers and singers / Oh, won’t you sing with me now?"

Kelley revealed his solo project plans on Sept. 30, at an industry event in Nashville, during which he also debuted some of its songs.

“I wouldn’t have done this without [bandmates] Hillary [Scott] and Dave [Haywood] giving me their blessing,” Kelley told the audience. “Lady Antebellum will always be my focus.”

Later on in his set, Kelley added, "Lady Antebellum will never break up, mark my words. But I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone.”

While fans await the release of Kelley's entire solo project, "The Driver" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Charles Kelly, "The Driver":

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