Carrie Underwood has been married for only six months to Ottawa Senators hockey player, Mike Fisher, but she announces they are already adding to their family!

"Actually, I have some news. We did get a new dog," the singer reveals to Seattle radio station KMPS . "That's about the only expanding we're going to do anytime soon!" The new puppy will join Carrie's beloved chihuahua, Ace, who played the role of ring bearer at her summer nuptials. "She's actually a shelter mutt, but she's at least half dachshund. Her name's Penny, because she's copper," Carrie adds.

While the superstar may not be anxious to become a parent herself anytime soon, her extended family continues to grow. "I just became a great-aunt," Carrie reveals. "My nephew just had a baby. I'm so old. My sister, who is 40, is a grandmother, and my mom's a great-grandmother."

The Oklahoma native says that being the youngest of three girls has its disadvantages, especially as her siblings' children grow up. "I'll go some place with my nephew, and he's like 6'6"," Carrie states. "He's a big guy, and afterwards, I'm like, 'This probably looks really weird,' so before I leave a store, I'll be like, 'FYI, this is my nephew. I'm not cheating on my husband!' He looks like my boyfriend or something."

In spite of the perils of having nephews who look her age, Carrie says she is exceptionally close to her family, which is why having her mom and spouse join her for the video of her Top 5 hit, 'Mama's Song' was important to her. "That was so much fun, having my mother and my husband do a video with me," she tells Tampa station WQYK. "That was really good memories, and really sweet times. I mean, my mom didn't really know him that well because obviously he lives in Canada, so that was really important to them to be able to spend time together."

Carrie will have to work even harder to spend time with her family, now that she's settling in her husband's native Canada. The newlyweds are almost finished building their new home, which Carrie reveals is already causing a bit of friction in their home with the couple.

"There's definitely some more to be finished, but it is by far very livable. I'm trying to figure out where everything should go, and it's amazing, because my husband has more clothes and shoes than I do!" she divulges. "I was like, 'This will be the key to our marriage: separate bathroom areas and separate closet space,' yet he's spilling over into my closet space ... I told him, 'Frankly it's starting to tick me off. Because I've got my nice dresses, and there's stuff I can't reach.' That can be his space. I'm cool with that."

Fresh off the road after playing 108 dates before more than one million fans, Carrie is anxious to spend some time unwinding and, in her words, "taking a little time to rediscover what it's like to live in the real world." And that includes taking off her celebrity hat and doing regular household chores -- which suits her just fine. "It is nice being a hockey wife," she tells Minneapolis station K102. "Of course now I'm cleaning the house, buying the groceries ... I can spend hours in a grocery store and I'm the happiest person in the universe."

Fans will still be able to hear -- and see -- Carrie even while she spends time off the road. She wrote and recorded 'There's a Place for Us,' for the film, 'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Plus, she's starring opposite Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt in an upcoming film, 'Soul Surfer,' that will hit theaters in April. But it's another movie she's mentioned in -- 'Country Strong' -- that has her feeling a bit perplexed.

Her name is mentioned in the new film, starring Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester. In the flick, Leighton's character, Chiles, is called "the next Carrie Underwood," which has the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year looking over her shoulder. "I kind of like the current Carrie Underwood," she jokes. "Are they trying to replace me?"

It's a pretty safe bet that Carrie has nothing to worry about. In addition to her Golden Globe nod, she is currently also nominated for another Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her self-penned hit 'Temporary Home.' In her limited spare time, Carrie is also hard at work on a follow-up album to her platinum-selling CD, 'Play On.'