It's back. The goat that became famous during a remix of Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' has resurfaced, this time sabotaging a Hunter Hayes song as he sang it live. And Carrie Underwood was the mastermind behind it all -- the superstar pranked her Blown Away Tour opener during his set in Alberta, Canada on Saturday (May 18).

Hayes was performing when video of the goat appeared on the screens at each side of the stage. Two goats were shown, with the other being the same one featured with Swift's song earlier this year.

"Tee hee! Thanks @HunterHayes for being on the road with us! You will be missed," Underwood tweeted after the show, adding a picture of the goat.

Hayes played through the prank, not missing a beat of his song before exiting the stage with a wave and a "Thank you." The Alberta show with Underwood was his final date on the 2013 Blown Away Tour. Ever the professional, the young singer didn't acknowledge the mischief onstage or on his Twitter page.