Cam's dreamy, futuristic single "Till There's Nothing Left" is a dramatic ode to all-consuming love -- and it even gets a little sexier than the country star initially expected! Below, the singer remembers the day the song was written, beginning with a wine-drunk voice memo she received one night after a mostly-fruitless co-writing session.

We were over in LA, and it was Tyler Johnson, who I write pretty much everything with, and Hillary Lindsey, who's responsible for all kinds of hits. We were trying to find something, but we didn't really catch fire during the session, and I went back to where I was staying.

Later on, I get this voice memo. Tyler and Hillary had hung out a little while later, and I'm pretty sure there was some wine involved. I get this voice note from them of Hillary singing, "La-la-la-la-la-la," [from the opening lines of the song], and she was playing this beat with this super scene-y kind of sound. I was like, "Oh, this is amazing."

So we went in the next day with Jeff Bhasker, who -- Jeff and Tyler and I wrote "Burning House" and "Diane;" I work with them all the time. So we go in and finish the song. And it was funny, because I have to really love something for it to be something I write; I have to really embody it. And I kind of felt embarrassed by how sexy these lyrics were.

Which is so funny, because, in real life, you know, I do go have quickies in the backseat with my husband. It's not out of the normal range. But, for some reason, in music, I feel like -- and, yeah, as women -- it's weirder for us to say it out loud. There's a lot of rules and inhibitions that happen, where, for men, they're not batting an eye about it.

So I had a little come-to-terms-with-it moment -- just saying, like, "This is my life and my sexuality," and not getting too heady about it.

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