When the Brothers Osborne heard that David Nail wanted to include their song "Good at Tonight" -- written by the duo's John and TJ Osborne, as well as Troy Verges and Barry Dean -- on his Fighter album, they were happy to give it to him. It wasn't until a few months later that the brothers realized the tune's true potential.

"[Nail]'s one of the best singers in town; he’s also a good buddy of ours. He’s like, ‘Are you sure? Do you guys not want it?’ We’re like, ‘No, no, no, man! It’s not a big deal at all. We’d love if you cut it. Please do it.’ He got us in there to sing, and it was a blast. We did some big gang vocals -- sounded like a bunch of drunk buffoons on it," John Osborne tells The Boot. "And then, a couple months later, we saw him perform at Watershed [Country Music Festival], up in Washington State, and it was at that moment, we were like, ‘Damn! We should have cut that damn song. It’s so good!'

"We totally missed the boat on that one," Osborne adds. "But he’s an incredible singer, and I think anyone will tell you, he’s one of the best around; he’s not afraid to take chances. So even though we missed the boat on our song, we couldn’t be more honored that he’s doing it."

For his part, Nail is thrilled that the Osbornes let him record "Good at Tonight," which is why he insisted that they sing on it with him.

"I heard that song and immediately called both those guys and was like, ‘Why in the world are you not recording the song yourselves?’" Nail recalls. "They heard that I had it on hold, and they were extremely excited for me to record it."

"Good at Tonight" was initially being considered for the first single from Nail's newest album, Fighter; however, "Night's on Fire" won out, and became a Top 20 hit, and "Good at Tonight" was released second. Both songs are available for download on iTunes.

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