Throughout his career, Brad Paisley has made a number of celebrity friends, including Andy Griffith, Jason Alexander and Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. All three TV icons have made many cameo appearances in Brad's music videos including in 'Waitin' on a Woman,' 'Celebrity' and 'Online.' In return, Brad has helped write a song, 'Has Been,' for William Shatner's acclaimed album of prose-poems set to music.

When it came time for William to head to the Nashville Film Festival last year to introduce 'William Shatner's: Gonzo Ballet,' a well-received documentary inspired by 'Has Been,' Brad invited the actor to his farm outside of Nashville to spend some down time. And the visit could have just as easily been something right out of 'Star Trek.'

"I'll tell you one of the strangest things I've ever seen," Brad tells Houston's Culture Map. "I came home from the recording studio, and he was already over at the house playing with my two-year-old son in the basement ... with light sabers. I walked in to see my son and Captain Kirk dueling with light sabers! I looked over at my wife and asked 'What the hell kind of bizarre universe have I just walked into here?'"

Brad is currently enjoying some more normal downtime these days as he just wrapped up the final leg of his American Saturday Night tour. In May, Brad will hit the road on the H2O tour with special guests Justin Moore and Darius Rucker. As the tour extends throughout the year, other openers will include Easton Corbin, Josh Thompson and Steel Magnolia.

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